Karaoke 노래방
karaoke, or “noraebang” (노래방), is an aspect of Korean culture that brings people together. Friends and family go to karaoke, couples, and even business partners and coworkers spend late nights at noraebangs singing their hearts out. It doesn’t matter if you are a good or bad singer – as long are you are having fun. (English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese songs available)

we have several private karaoke rooms for you and your friends to hire for a couple of hours or an entire evening. 

Room rates: all our rooms are private 
[Mon to Thu]
No of guest          12pm~6pm        7pm~2am 
upto 6 people       £15 per hour  £30 per hour
upto 8 people       £20 per hour  £40 per hour    upto 15 people     £30 per hour   £60 per hour
[Fri to Sat]
No of guest          
upto 8 people        £40 per hour
upto 15 people      £60 per hour  

Group or party booking please email us!!

P.S we do not allow customers to bring their own  alcohol/foods bought from outside of our place. If found, there would be extra charge.
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