timeout london jihwaja

A karaoke-bar-cum-Korean small plates joint near Vauxhall station. 

It’s hard to know where the restaurant starts and the karaoke bar stops at this little warren of a Korean joint on Kennington Lane. Even the tiny ‘main’ dining room is loomed over by a giant screen of silently warbling Asian teenagers, and some speakers haphazardly tacked to the wall. Next, time, I’ll ask them to get the mics out.Maybe............. (please click Timeout logo to continue reading)

timeout london jihwaja

London’s best dumplings 

Mandu at Jihwaja
A Korean street food staple, mandu come in various shapes and preparations. Crinkly, chubby steamed rings are the norm, but Vauxhall’s ramshackle karaoke-bar-cum-restaurant Jihwaja serves them deep-fried............. (please click Timeout logo to continue reading)

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Jihwaja, London: restaurant review  by Jay Rayner
Sunday 15 January 2017 

Thoroughly modern Jihwaja, a new Korean joint, brings Jay out in raptures for its fabulously ‘filthy’ fried chicken.... 
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